My Introduction to Servant Leadership…and YOUR opportunity to Save a Life

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I guess that I was introduced to Servant Leadership at a very young age.  I was about  2 and a half years old when my little brother was born 3 months premature.  He was never expected to survive.  My family prayed and prayed, but that wasn’t enough.  Doctors worked tirelessly to keep him alive, but that wasn’t enough either.  If not for the many many people who donated blood to save his life, he would not be here today.  These were people who were gave their time (and endured a slight amount of discomfort), solely to help someone that they did not know… in fact, someone that they would not likely ever meet.  This was back in 1976 before servant leadership was a buzzword.

I didn’t really think about that example and its impact on my life much until I reflected on it at his birthday earlier this month.  As I was thinking about what he meant to me that day (June 7th), as well as what examples he set for my life, I was able to reflect back on a life of service.  From my involvement in the March of Dimes Teen Leadership Council, to volunteering for MDA Telethons, and even small school and community projects, the give-first mentality that was shared by those blood donors has permeated my life.

I then reflected upon my cousin, Scott.  I was with him during his first trip to Disneyland… I will never forget that.  I will also never forget the phone call when I heard that he had leukemia.  I felt helpless, I did not know what I could do to help him.  I took a lesson from when my little brother was born and organized a blood drive.  I was able to motivate over 100 people to selflessly give, to sacrifice their time for a little boy whom they had only seen pictures of… a little boy that they would never get to meet.
We all have the opportunity to live our values as servant leader on July 12th @Vida Loca from 4-8PM.  We have the opportunity to save the life of Linus, a great little boy, who needs our help.  I hope that you feel as passionately as I do about helping other, giving first, and will take some time out of your day to go to a great mixer and save a life… When was the last time YOU could say that YOU saved someone’s life?

For more information, please call me at 281.841.1723.