How to Buy a Home in Houston for the Holidays

Rather than spend a lot of money on Christmas gifts that will be put aside quickly, why not Buy a Home in Houston for the holidays?  I know, it sounds like a big thing, but I bet your friends and family would be more excited to know that they had a part of getting you into a home of your own, rather than buying you a talking “Honey Badger” stuffed squeeze toy or an Angry Birds board game (if such a thing exists yet.)

So, how does one buy a home for the holidays… in your wish list, or Christmas letter let people know what you are doing.  Open an account with a financial planner or at a local bank (you can find a link to a great financial planner on the right.)  Contact me for a pre approval, this way you know how much it will take to complete the purchase of your new home, including knowing what are the closing costs when buying a home in Houston.  If you have bad credit we have experts that can assist you in getting the credit cleaned up so that you can still buy your home, it may just take a little longer.

I am certain that you have presents that you reflect back on, thinking how amazing they are.  I have a couple blankets that were made for me that I will treasure forever.. but think about how much you will treasure the gift of a home that your family has granted you!

For more information, or to get your approval, please feel free to contact me OR if you know someone who may like to take advantage of this idea, please forward this to them!