How to Make Getting a Mortgage Easy for Self Employed in Houston, Texas

In Houston, Texas its easy for the self employed to get a mortgage.  Until today most self employed borrowers could not get a mortgage because they had too many write offs on their tax return.  This sound financial management strategy made it very difficult for self employed borrowers to buy a home. There are a couple secrets that have been closely held until today!  Most loan officers and Realtors in Houston don’t even know the secret that I am going to tell you!

Use a short term immediate annuity to create a verifiable income.  The term must over three years (most life insurance companies require a five year term.)  The payment must be enough (when combined with your other income) to decrease your debt to income level to an acceptable level.

If you have a few months to qualify, you can set up a trust that makes monthly payments to you for a period in excess of 3 years after your first mortgage payment.  The trustee must write a letter guaranteeing those payments.  You must have received some of the trust payments prior to submitting your loan to underwriting.

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