Yes, school has just started.  Wallets have been turned out to buy new clothes, books, shoes, computers and the like for the new school year.  But we all know that the holidays are coming around the corner.  Family will be visiting and the house needs to look great!

If you are looking for ideas to improve your home, I would recommend taking a look at the Katy Home Decor and Remodeling Show this weekend at the Merrell Center. Look for great home improvement ideas such as new flooring, water treatment systems, or one of my favorite– Radiant Barriers.  My buddy Mike Warren of, will be there to discuss all sorts of energy saving tips for you.

As if that wasn’t enough fun for the weekend, The Woodlands Fall Home and Garden Show is also this weekend.  It will be at the Waterway Marriott.  You will be able to see all sorts of amazing projects and things to add to your “Honey Do” list.

I know that times are a little bit tough right now, and some of these things may be outside of your budget… but with today’s great interest rates, you can always use a Rehabilitation loan or a cash out to make these improvements.  I have even seem people drop their monthly payment while paying for lots of improvements.

If you would like more information about these shows…or how to get the cash to improve your home, feel free to call me at 713-267-2336.