Buy a Home in Houston on Cyber Monday

I planned on doing a black Friday blog special about how people could stay home for Thanksgiving, eat a lot of turkey, watch football and still save thousands of dollars by getting their family a home, which would serve them for years, rather than some semi-disposable consumer goods.  I went out on Wednesday Evening at 11 PM and interviewed about 9 people standing in line.  I asked questions about how long they were going to be there for, what they were buying… it was all pretty good stuff.  That is, until I got home and started doing the post production.  You see, I have a pretty sophisticated post production set up.  Youtube editor, Windows Movie Maker and my laptop.  Unfortunately, the sound levels on the video were not that great and I could not amp them up with the above software, I even sent it to a couple geek friends, but they couldn’t help.  So, I shot my own video this morning.  Its not quite as effective, and I was hoping to give you some better scenery… because, lets face it… sometimes my face can get boring!

So, take a look at the video, tell me what you think… if I’m off base, call me on it.. otherwise, why are you sitting around on your donkey… lets go buy a house!!!