VA Financing has become less expensive, easier to obtain.

VA Financing in Texas is becoming a much more popular subject as our troops return home from overseas and their enlistments with the military end.  It is important for the returning troops to understand not only their VA Financing benefits, but also how to take advantage of them to buy a home in Texas.  Yes, selecting the right Realtor is important, and there are great resources like HAR.combut that is really putting the cart before the horse.  In order to get the best result from your VA Financing benefits, you need to plan your mortgage application ahead.Here are some tips to make sure that your VA Financing request goes smoothly:

  • Have at least 30 days (one months) worth of paystubs to present at your loan application.
  • Have your previous two years Tax Returns and W-2s
  • Have your previous two months bank statemens, all pages for all accounts
  • Have a copy of your military ID (if currently active) or your DD214
  • Have a copy of your drivers license and social security card

By having these documents together, it will make the process easier.  I also mentioned less expensive… didn’t I?

The VA Funding Fee has fallen for all VA Loans funded on or after October 1st, 2011.  This means extra money stays in your pocket.  Additionally, making a down payment will now be awarded by a larger decrease in the VA Funding Fee.  

Finally, if the Veterans Administration has determined that you have a disability, it may result in a decrease of yourVA Funding Fee for your VA Financing.

If you have any additional questions about getting VA Loans in Texas, or you would like to get your VA Financing Approval, please feel free to contact Rich Bonn at 281.841.1723.